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Eliminate missed sales opportunities

Top performing B2B sellers use intent triggers to generate pipeline effectively


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ROI to customers from closed won deals

All-in-one intent data platform

Strong and timely intent signals

Deal Intelligence helps B2B sellers consistently make quota by tracking social intent triggers from ideal buyer in their market


High intent leads delivered daily

B2B sellers use Deal Intelligence to build pipeline by tracking their market’s buying intent signals in one place.

Competitor engagement

Join product evaluations alongside your competitors

Over 95% of B2B buyers evaluate alternative solutions when making purchasing decisions

Active hiring keywords

Get alerted when ideal accounts hire roles that use your product

Over 70% of executives invest in tooling during headcount growth periods

Customer job changes

Get alerted when customers change jobs

Past customers close at a 3.5x higher rate than net new leads.

Customer referral candidates

Surface referral opportunities in your customer base

Warm leads have up to 10x higher likelihood of closing than cold leads

Social communities topics

Know when prospects mention target keywords online

Sellers that use social media triggers during account research outsell their peers by 78%

Website visitors

Get improved visibility into your website visitors

Up to 98% of website visitors never get a single contact from a sales person

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"The difference in performance of reps using Deal Intelligence versus the others is like night and day"

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